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My name is Adam Allen. I am a photographer in the Hanford and Fresno areas. I specialize in Creative Epic Senior Portraits-Photos, and Creative Epic High Fashion Modeling Portfolios. You can see more of my work at my Senior photo and Modeling Portfolio Blog. My Senior Photos-Portraits are geared toward High Fashion in composition, while still maintaining that look of "real life" candid nature. My Modeling Portfolios are intended to help get girls and young women the high end photos they need in order to pursue their modeling career. Get in touch with me, I'll send you some extra resources to help you build your portfolio book. All of my sessions, Senior Portraits-Photos and Modeling Portfolios, are intended to have have variety and very be dynamic. But most importantly I focus on unique creativity. A colaboration of each of our ideas. And in the end I want to give you epic photos.

If you are not for the Hanford or Fresno are that is not a problem. I serve all of California and have/do travel out of state. You only need to cover the additional travel costs.

I am: in love with my wife, a serious guitar player, definitely singing in the car, kinda awkward, not willing to pretend I'm something I'm not, definitely on Facebook!

I have: friends in San Luis Obispo, Portland, Seattle, and Arizona. And I visit them all, 12 paisley ties (like the one in the picture), respect for truly honest people, a Rubik's Cube. And I know how to solve it, 3,000 songs on my iTunes, to check my Facebook right now!!!

I love: Photoshop and graphics design, fast cars, to teach, epic photography, Facebook!!!

Every photographer, new or experienced, professional or hobbyist. You are a welcome friend.

I also teach Personal "One on one" workshops. Please let me know if you are interested.